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Every day, you reinvent yourself. You’re always in motion. But you decide every day : forward or backward.” —James Altucher

Reinventivo, an initiative from Inventivo India, chooses forward; not only for itself but also for all those people who want to restart their corporate life after a break. You may have left the active workforce due to various reasons - parenthood / entrepreneurship / higher education / sabbaticals and now you feel, it is time to step back in. Reinventivo is your step forward to help you do just that.

A site solely dedicated to people available to join the workforce immediately, we believe its never too late to start over. So if you or someone you know, seeks a chance at corporate life again, drop us an email with your resume and a covering letter capturing a brief on your current availability situation (including the reasons for your sabbatical) at reachus@reinventivo.com

We will have one of our team members then connect with you.

You would also need to keep the following profile details ready:
  • Updated CV
  • Visume (<30 seconds)
  • Minimum three professional References from your last employer(s) (including at least 1 Reporting Manager and HR)

With ReInventivo let's look beyond the horizon and create that silver lining for you, and your career.

Reinvent a second innings for your career, with ReInventivo.

Thanks and Regards,

Team Reinventivo

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Why Reinventivo

A break in career, is not the end of talent or skills. And we understand that. Reinventivo was started to ensure anyone who wants to resume careers in the mainstream workforce has an easy way of doing so. Many hiring managers too want to explore this talent that is willing and available. Reinventivo hence becomes a one-stop shop for employers to explore candidates who are immediately available and keen on making a return to the workforce. It is a hiring portal that caters to everyone who wants to make a career comeback - regardless of gender, skills, reason for sabbatical.

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